Jewish and Catholic Join Hands in Interfaith Program in Florida

March 3, 2003

Source: South Florida Sun-Sentinel,0,4961514.story?coll=sfla%2Dnews%2Dpalm

On March 3, 2003 South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported that "friendly exchanges between the congregations of St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church, where [Monsignor John] McMahon is pastor, and [Rabbi Merle] Singer's Temple Beth El began 17 years ago with an interfaith mission that now includes joint services, a daily program providing aid to the frail and elderly and founding roles in the creation of the Daily Bread Food Bank of Palm Beach County... [Phillip] Cunningham, executive director of Boston College's Center for Christian-Jewish Learning, delivered the keynote address Thursday to celebrate the theme of this year's interfaith weekend: 'Living Our Faith as Friends.' And he returned on Sunday to witness what he said heralds a rare expression of fellowship between Jewish and Christian congregants."