Jerusalem Women Speak 12 to Focus on New England Communities

July 26, 2006

Source: Partners for Peace

The Twelfth national Jerusalem Women Speak: Three Women, Three Faiths, One Shared Vision tour organized by Partners for Peace focuses on communities in New England during October 2007.

The tour will feature the voices of three women, a Christian, a Jew, and a Muslim, who are living the realities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. These women come to the United States to call for an end to war and suffering in the Middle East and share their experiences and hopes for a just peace with American audiences.

These women are working professionals, activists, mothers, daughters, and partners, all involved in their own way in resolving the conflict and charting a brighter future for their region.

Each woman lives the hardships of conflict and the tragedy of occupation in unique ways. Each has also witnessed the deterioration around them over the past six years of Israeli-Palestinian violence and the intermittent attempts to rekindle peace talks. They have made a commitment to address American audiences about their hopes for the future and what must be done to improve today’s unsteady situation.