Japanese-Americans Speak Out Against Backlash

October 28, 2001

Source: The New York Times

On October 28, 2001, The New York Times featured an article on Senator Daniel K. Inouye's address to a gathering of "soldiers from the Army's famed 442nd Regiment Combat Team, the segregated Japanese-American unit in which Inouye served during World War II." The article reported that Inouye said he discussed his experiences with Muslim leaders and heard their concerns about the struggles of Muslims in America since the terrorist attacks. The group of veterans visited "the nation's memorial to the Japanese-Americans who fought and were interned" which contains a "warning to all Americans on the opening panel: 'The lessons learned must remain as a grave reminder of what we must not allow to happen again to any group.'" Despite his voice of concern over the backlash, Senator Inouye also praised "President Bush for standing up for Muslims and for tolerance."