Jade Buddha Temple in Houston Celebrates 20th Anniversary

August 14, 1999

Source: The Houston Chronicle

On August 14, 1999, The Houston Chronicle published an article on the 20th anniversary of the Jade Buddha Temple in Houston. In 1979, the temple began with 10 Chinese Buddhists. Now, the temple is a 2.5 acre Buddhist campus that supports 1,400 members. Most of the members are of Chinese descent, but there are also people of Thai, Vietnamese, Burmese, and other origins. About 5% of the members are Americans who began in other faith traditions. The temple features a grand hall for weekly services, a smaller meditation hall, a youth activity center, library, cafeteria, living quarters for two priests, and a lotus pond with a statue of the bodhisattva, Kwan-Yin. Last year, Jade Buddha Temple began the Buddhist College, which offers a 12-week intensive meditation course twice a year. It has thus far attracted 60 students per session.

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