Ismaili Muslim Students Establish Group, Work for Interfaith Dialogue

February 8, 2010

Author: Vidushi Shrimali

Source: The Daily Texan

For the small group of students trying to create the Ismaili Muslim Students Association, the third time’s the charm.

Since 2004, various students have unsuccessfully tried to start the association twice on campus.

Ismaili Muslims belong to the Shia doctrine of Islam. They practice Islam under the guide of a spiritual leader whom they call Imam, who they believe is the direct descendent of the Prophet Muhammad. Ismailis are led by His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan, called Mawlana Hazar Imam, a spiritual leader who preaches the Ismaili way of life.

In his teachings, the Aga Khan promotes sports and good health. This emphasis led to a collaboration between the Aga Khan Youth and Sports Board and UT students to form the group in November. On Wednesday, the association had its first meeting, drawing a crowd of about 80 students.

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