Islamic Society Offers End to Defamation Suit, Asks for Mediation

March 3, 2006

Source: Boston Herald

Wire Service: AP

On March 3, 2006 the Associated Press reported, "An Islamic society that sued for defamation after local news outlets linked it and its stalled mosque project to anti-Semitic extremists offered Friday to stop litigation in exchange for private mediation. They made the offer to the defendants’ attorneys on the same day it filed a lengthy response to a motion to dismiss the suit. The society also sent a letter to leaders in the Jewish and Christian community, as well as local politicians, informing them of the court filing, but also a desire to settle their differences out of court... Besides media organizations, the suit named several individuals and community groups who questioned the society’s ties, a move decried as an attempt to bully people who were asking legitimate questions about the mosque... In his letter to opposing attorneys Friday, Islamic Society attorney Howard Cooper said people on both sides were 'heartfelt in their belief that they have been seriously wronged.' But he proposed a formal stay of pending litigation to pursue private, non-binding mediation talks... Attorneys for the defendants said they were reviewing the offer."