Islamic Society of North America Urges Muslim Assistance in Aftermath of Katrina

August 30, 2005

Source: Islamic Society of North America

On August 30, 2005 the Islamic Society of North America reported, "In response to the terrible tragedy unfolded by Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) has launched the ISNA Katrina Relief Fund. The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), a preeminent international Islamic organization, urges Muslim Americans to assist the victims of the floods caused by Hurricane Katrina. 'Muslim Americans must come forward and assist their fellow Americans in this time of need,' stated Dr Sayyid M. Syeed, Secretary General of the ISNA. ISNA has made the initial donation of $20,000 from its own resources. We appeal to all Muslims to help the victims of Katrina to the best of their ability, through contributions and through helping the refugees resettle and rebuild their lives and livelihood. ISNA urges Muslim Americans to donate generously to humanitarian organizations that are working to meet the needs of the affected people... ISNA calls upon mosques and congregations to devote their sermons on the importance of helping the needy and help raise funds during the Friday prayers throughout the country. The collected funds can either be donated to the ISNA Katrina Relief Fund, or to a charity of choice."