Islamic Society of Boston Repudiates Ties to Extremist Groups

October 15, 2004

Source: The Boston Globe

On October 15, 2004 The Boston Globe reported, "board members of the Islamic Society of Boston said yesterday that they have avoided financial or organizational ties with extremist groups and have sought assistance from US and state law enforcement agencies to make certain that no such associations are established. In an effort to quell concern that the group has ties to extremist individuals, several board members offered assurances of its moderate views and links. The society is building a mosque and cultural center in Roxbury on land provided by the Boston Redevelopment Authority... The board has embarked on an outreach program with media outlets and other religious organizations, particularly leaders in the Jewish community, to convey similar assurances, said Dr.Yousef Abou-Allaban of Walpole, chairman of the Islamic Society's board."