Islamic Society of Boston Leader Files Defamation Suit with Local Media

May 12, 2005

Source: The Associated Press

On May 12, 2005 The Associated Press reported, "a leader of the Islamic Society of Boston has filed a defamation lawsuit against the Boston Herald and WFXT-TV, alleging news reports unfairly linked him to radical Islamic terrorists. The complaint filed Wednesday in Suffolk Superior Court by Osama Kandil alleges that a series of Herald stories published beginning in October 2003 and a WFXT broadcast in November 2004 destroyed his reputation. The lawsuit accuses the Herald and WFXT of 'sensationalizing a story that Dr. Kandil ... was linked to radical Islamic terrorists and that both he and the ISB (Islamic Society of Boston) presented a danger to the community.' Kandil, chairman of the Islamic Society of Boston's trustees, is a biomedical researcher and U.S. citizen living in Egypt."