An Islamic Responce to Domestic Violence

March 1, 2003

Source: Islamic Horizons

On March 1, 2003 Islamic Horizons reported that "in 2002, MCCHS (Muslim Community Center for Human Services) started a domestic violence counseling program and established a relationship with area women's shelters. MCCHS, which cannot afford to operate a shelter, receives calls from women in distress and from shelters where women are taking refuge, offers counseling, and assists in their rehabilitation. MCCHS strives to council families before relationship problems become serious and irresolvable... Muslim leaders and imams have a significant role to fulfill in stopping domestic violence. MCCHS asked imams of 24 area mosques to give one khutbah during October (domestic violence awareness month) on issues related to domestic violence, the importance of seeking counseling, and abolishing it from the community."