Islamic Group Joins Jews and Christians to Lobby Social Justice in Minn.

April 23, 2004

Source: The Star Tribune

On April 23, 2004 The Star Tribune reported, "The Islamic Center of Minnesota joined with Jews, Catholics and mainline Protestants on Tuesday to lobby for certain social justice issues in the state. The center, one of the state's most influential Islamic organizations, signed on as a member of the Joint Religious Legislative Coalition (JRLC) in a ceremony attended by 75 of the state's religious leaders. They included Catholic Archbishop Harry Flynn, United Methodist Bishop John Hopkins, the Rev. Peg Chemberlin, director of the Minnesota Council of Churches, and Stephen Silberfarb, director of the Jewish Community Relations Council. The faith groups have worked together for 33 years on social justice issues and public policy. The Fridley center also agreed two weeks ago to join the other three groups in their work for the betterment of the poor. 'We are stronger when we represent the three great Abrahamic faith groups,'JRLC director Brian Rusche said at the ceremony. 'This is about enriching our faith, our understanding of social justice and strengthening our democracy.' The JRLC is the oldest and largest religion-sponsored public-affairs group in Minnesota, and, with the addition of the Islamic Center, now represents more than 3 million Minnesotans. "