Islamic Group Distributes "Know Your Rights" Pamphlet on How to Handle Terrorism Investigations

April 25, 2004

Source: CNews

On April 25, 2004 CNews reported, "An Islamic group is distributing a pocket guide to Canadian Muslims advising them what to do if CSIS or the RCMP tries to interrogate them about terrorism. Almost 30,000 copies of the Know Your Rights guide are already in circulation across the country and demand is growing among Muslims left shaken by sensational headlines following recent anti-terrorism raids. The blue and black soft-cover booklet is smaller than a credit card, and the Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations Canada is encouraging Muslims on its website to 'keep it in your wallet - you may need it when you least expect it'...The 12-page guide is a layman's legal primer, offering counsel on Canadian legal and human rights. One section advises Muslims they are under no obligation to talk to CSIS or the RCMP. It also directs them not to meet with security agents without a lawyer, assuring that such refusal will not imply deception. Moreover, unless there's a search warrant, people can refuse entry to their homes or offices, the guide says. And even then, they don't have to answer questions, it states, while cautioning that lying to investigators is a crime."

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