Islam Meets Tex-Mex in Abiquiu, NM

September 29, 2003

Source: Newsweek

On September 29, 2003 Newsweek correspondent Carla Power reported on her visit to Dar al Islam, a mosque and madrasa outside the town of Abiquiu, New Mexico which was founded by American Muslims 20 years ago. She writes, "it’s at lunch, when a bunch of us go into the tiny town of El Rito for Tex-Mex food at the El Farolito cantina, that I realize how fully the people of this mythic America have accepted these latest pioneers. Fellow diners don’t bat an eye at us: two tables of hijabbed women, a male sheik and me, all sitting in front of a mural of a Technicolor Southwestern sunset, crunching tortilla chips and salsa and chatting about everything from Hollywood actor Sean Penn to New York literary agents."