On Islam: Billy Graham Accepts; Franklin Graham Condemns

September 2, 2002

Source: The Washington Post

On September 2, 2002 The Washington Post reported that "in 1986... the evangelist Billy Graham told the audience that they should regard Muslims not as the enemy but as fellow believers, that they all worshiped the same God. Over a week he repeated it eight times. Over the last year, his son Franklin Graham, now head of the senior Graham's ministry, has called Islam a 'wicked' and 'evil' religion, 'a greater threat than anyone's willing to speak,' as he told Fox News on his book tour last month. In his book, he writes that Christianity and Islam are eternal enemies, locked in a 'classic struggle that will end with the second coming of Christ.' Ultimately, he writes, 'the war against terrorism is just another conflict between evil and The Name.'"