Islam Awareness Week Addresses Common Misconceptions

April 14, 2009

Author: Shannon Montanez

Source: The Maneater Student Newspaper

The Muslim Student Organization sponsored its annual Islam Awareness Week last week with events to create appreciation for the Muslim religion.

The group started the week off by setting up a "Taste of Islam" on Monday on Lowry Mall. The group passed out samples from the International Café and publicized the week's upcoming events.

On April 6, religious studies department Chairman Robert Baum gave a presentation called "The Roots of Islam" in Memorial Union.

"'The Roots of Islam' was Dr. Baum talking about the situation among which Islam arose and its political implications and the culture at the time," MSO spokeswoman Nabihah Maqbool said.

On Tuesday, the group held a presentation titled "Women in Islam."

"It was a presentation about what Islam says about the status and roles regarding women," Maqbool said. "Like, why they wear the hijab and equality among genders. Hend el Buri gave the presentation and there were henna tattoos after."

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