Irving Mosque Increases Civic Engagement, Outreach

July 23, 2005

Source: The Dallas Morning News

On July 23, 2005 The Dallas Morning News reported, "Muslims have been too introverted for too long, says Imam Zia Sheikh, the prayer leader at the Islamic Center of Irving. He believes it's time to get out of the mosque and into the community... Concerned about how Muslims are perceived, the center is reaching out. In the past year, fueled in part by their new mosque, members are raising their voices and playing a more prominent role in city affairs. Worshippers were active last year in opposing and defeating an election that would have allowed beer and wine sales in Irving stores. The center invited political candidates to mingle with worshippers last spring. And members are meeting residents, city officials and community leaders. By interacting with neighbors, the center hopes to dispel myths, said Jason Black, an Islamic Center leader."

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