Iraqi-American Home Vandalized in Phoenix, AZ

March 28, 2003

Source: Arizona Republic

On March 28, 2003 the Arizona Republic reported that "explosives were hurled into the back yard of an Iraqi-American family in Phoenix on Wednesday, the same day a Muslim advocacy group called on the governor to take action to prevent hate crimes... Four 'dry ice explosives' were thrown at Basil Sayad's home shortly before 5 p.m., Phoenix police Sgt. Randy Force said. The devices, concoctions of dry ice mixed with water in a bottle, did not injure the Sayads and their two teenage children. Force said that there was minor property damage and that the department's bomb squad was investigating the attack... 'This is unconscionable and won't be tolerated,' Force said. 'These are American citizens and most definitely not the people we're at war with...' Local Muslim leaders cautioned that war-related tensions are no reason to use others as a scapegoat."