Ipswich's Indian Community Plans New Hindu Temple

September 29, 2006

Source: Evening Star 24


On September 29, 2006 Evening Star 24 reported, "According to the 2001 Ipswich census there were 850 Indians living in the town - a number which experts say has grown considerably since. As plans to build a new temple in Ipswich gather momentum... After the opening of two mosques and a Sikh temple brought a religious touch of the east from the Indian sub-continent to [Ipswich], plans are now underway to build a Hindu temple. The development will be the latest example of how the community has integrated in to Ipswich... An Ipswich 'Hindu Samaj' (a society to oversee a project) has been set up, and it is hoped the new temple known as a Mandir, could be up and running within the next two years."