Iowa: Controversy over North Liberty City Officials Plan to Lease Land Intended for Muslim Youth Camp

January 7, 2003

Source: Omaha World-Herald

On January 7, 2003 the Omaha World-Herald printed an editorial that stated, "the proposed opening of a Muslim youth camp on Iowa's Coralville Lake between Cedar Rapids and Iowa City is being resisted by some neighbors. We hope most are arguing from conviction rather than misplaced fear or prejudice... Some neighbors have spoken up not about the camp but about the presence of Muslims 'in their back yards,' as one corps official said. One man worried about providing terrorists a hiding place.  That kind of talk is troubling, strongly suggesting unreasonable prejudice. It's not a solid foundation from which to argue against the youth camp. The simple fact that some people of Middle Eastern origins would use the property should be no cause for alarm. The acreage was used by the Girl Scouts as a summer camp for many years. Why, now, is it unsuitable for a youth camp?"