Invocation during County Supervisors Meeting Draws Criticism

May 28, 2003

Source: LA Daily News

On May 28, 2003 LA Daily News reported that "the invocation at Tuesday's [Burbank, CA] county supervisors meeting, which named Jesus Christ the 'only one mediator between God and man,' is being harshly criticized for its disregard of a constitutional law recently reaffirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court... The speaker, the Rev. Martin Brauer of the Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Santa Clarita, said he is aware of the law -- which seeks to maintain separation between church and state -- but chose not to comply to make a point about his freedom of speech... 'To ask religious leaders not to pray in the name of the God in whom they believe is asking them to compromise their integrity,' said Brauer, a real estate salesman-turned-pastor. 'I don't think that a Jewish leader or a Muslim leader should be restricted from speaking their truth either...' However, supporters of the constitutional protection call Brauer's conduct disrespectful, alienating and unlawful."