Intertribal Council Holding Awareness-Raising Concert

June 13, 2009

Author: Lanz Christian Bañes

Source: Times-Herald

The Vallejo Intertribal Council will host a concert today in People's Park to raise awareness of the Glen Cove shellmound.

The shellmound -- a sacred site used for burial by Native American peoples -- is at Glen Cove Waterfront Park and has been a source of tension between native groups and the Greater Vallejo Recreation District.

"Those (remains) were put there for a reason at the time of the burial and shouldn't be disturbed," said James Stevens, co-vice chairman of the intertribal council.

What Stevens is referring to is GVRD's master plan, which he and the council interpret as developing the park and potentially disturbing the remains.

GVRD General Manager Shane McAffee contends that all GVRD intends to do is preserve the area's cultural heritage. Sensitive sites have already been identified, he said.

"There won't be any excavation where the sensitive areas are," McAffee said.

However, Stevens said the actual shellmound was razed 100 years ago and the remains and artifacts scattered throughout the area.