Internet Site Selling Underwear with Sikh Symbol Pulls Item

January 28, 2005

Source: Hindustan Times,00050001.htm

On January 28, 2005 the Hindustan Times reported, "a women's undergarment bearing a Sikh religious symbol and put up for sale on a website has been taken off after strong protests from several Sikh organisations., a business-to- customer Internet firm, had displayed the innerwear with the Sikh holy symbol of 'Khanda' printed on the front. It was put up for sale by the WyrdGypsies Emporium and the accompanying description read: 'Are u a practicing Sikh? How about your wife? She may not want them, but I'm sure the hip Sikh daughters will find these a hit.' Sikh organisations, under the umbrella of the World Sikh Council-America Region (WSC-AR), objected to the display of the thong and wrote to Cafepress on Jan 26, asking it to remove the offensive garment."

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