Internet is Growing Source for Religion

December 20, 2001

Source: The Christian Science Monitor

On December 20, 2001, The Christian Science Monitor reported that "the popularity of online religion grew gradually over the past year, but then, amid a heightened sense of vulnerability in the aftermath of Sept. 11, Americans turned in droves to religion and spirituality websites... Many of those sites responded with an array of services and special events, highlighting the unique role a virtual community can play in moments of spiritual crisis... Some 28 million people - or 25 percent of Internet users - now say they have used the Internet to gather religious information or to connect with others on their spiritual journeys. More than 3 million do so every day, which is a 50 percent jump over last year, according to a survey of users by the Pew Internet & American Life Project to be released next week... These 'religion surfers' now outnumber those who have gambled, banked, or traded stocks online - or used Internet- based auction sites or dating services."