International Magazine for Sikh Women Launched

November 15, 2005

Source: The Tribune

On November 15, 2005 The Tribune reported, "'Each girl born in this world is special — that is the feeling I want to convey through KAURS. Women have a special world of their own that sustains life on this earth and we need to celebrate it'... Roma Kaur [said to] leading figures of the Sikh Community at the Toronto launch of the Sikh women's first international magazine, of which she is the Editor... The idea grew when Roma came back to India last year. 'I realised that there was a definite vacuum as far as good quality reading material for women was concerned'...'KAURS' is a bi-monthly and bilingual (English/ Punjabi) magazine which would be published in Chandigarh but sold both in India and abroad. The magazine would be launched in Chandigarh before the end of this month. 'KAURS is the manifestation of the voice of the contemporary Sikh women who have chosen to live according to the principles of Sikhism and seek guidance from their glorious history. It also seeks to celebrate a woman's active role in inspiring and guiding her family through her wisdom and patience while continuing to pursue her own career ambitions and professional development,' she said."