International Global Religion Poll Gauges Religious Attitudes of Different Faiths

October 12, 2003

Source: Democrat and Chronicle

On October 12, 2003 Democrat and Chronicle published the results of the International Global Religion poll, a joint effort of University of Rochester’s department of religion and classics and Utica-based polling firm Zogby International. Pollsters questioned people in 12 religious communities in seven nations. Among the key findings: "Most worshippers, even in war-torn areas of the world, see politics rather than religion as the cause of violence and fighting... Significant numbers of faithful around the world believe that their religion is not the sole true belief and that there are different paths to God. Those numbers range from a low of 7 percent of Saudi Muslims and South Korean Christians who feel that way to 55 percent of Israeli Muslims, 61 percent of mainline U.S. Protestants and 63 percent of U.S. Catholics."