Internal Inquiry Finds that Muslim Transportation Employee Victim of Harassment

June 12, 2005

Source: The Detroit News

On June 12, 2005 The Detroit News reported, "a former employee is suing the state Department of Transportation, alleging he was subjected to verbal harassment about his Muslim faith -- the sort of workplace behavior that civil rights advocates assert has become all too common. In his court filing, construction engineer Mohammad Sani and his lawyer, Shereef Akeel, of Birmingham say Sani repeatedly was subjected to verbal abuse, including assertions that he knew of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, but failed to notify his co-workers. And he was asked for his al-Qaida contact, according to the lawsuit. After an investigation, MDOT substantiated Mohammad Sani's claim and its Office of Human Resources said Sani was subjected to 'an offensive employment environment.' Sani, of Dearborn, is seeking compensatory damages in Wayne County Circuit Court. MDOT declined to comment on the lawsuit."