Interfaith Worker Justice Calls for "Ethical Reconstruction" of Katrina Region

September 23, 2005

Source: US Newswire

On September 23, 2005 a US Newswire Press Release reported, "Interfaith Worker Justice (IWJ) calls on Congress to establish an independent Ethical Reconstruction Commission to guide the nation with compassion and competence in facing the task of rebuilding lives and communities. This Commission will insure that those who were left behind in the evacuation of the Gulf Coast Region will not be left behind again in the rebuilding effort. The Ethical Reconstruction Commission, whose concept is endorsed by a broad spectrum of religious leaders and organizations, is needed to oversee the use of reconstruction funds, provide a voice for the people of the Gulf Region, ensure that worker justice is central to the rebuilding and offer overall guidance and ethical leadership to the Gulf Coast reconstruction initiative... [Rev. Nelson Johnson, President of Interfaith Worker Justice, said], 'We believe that a process guided by the deepest ethics in our culture and involving the broadest range of people affected holds the only promise for the ethical reconstruction of the region and has the potential for setting a new direction for the nation.'"