Interfaith Weddings in North Jersey Create Blended Cultural Ceremonies

July 31, 2005

Source: Times Leader / The Record

On July 31, 2005 The Record reported, "In multicultural regions, such as North Jersey, wedding customs often go way beyond something-borrowed, something-blue Americana. Many couples instead pay homage to ancient traditions or forge a unique ceremony to avoid a culture clash between families. 'Ceremonies are becoming more personalized, less cookie-cutter,' said Amy Elliott, senior associate editor at Bridal Guide magazine. 'Many couples are not close to Judeo-Christian traditions and are looking for something else. There is a lot of interest in other cultures, but most people want a spiritual component and a poetic ceremony'... Cheryl Larson, a wedding planner with Treasured Moments in Franklin Lakes, N.J., said she has many clients who want to focus on one culture or 'pleasantly combine both.' She is working on Portuguese and Lebanese weddings and was hired for a pagan wedding last summer at the Radisson in Fairfield, N.J."