Interfaith Thanksgiving 2002

November 25, 2002

Source: The Plain Dealer

On November 25, 2002 The Plain Dealer reported that "Zoroastrians celebrated bountiful harvests in Persia long before the storied fall gala the Pilgrims put on near Plymouth Rock in 1621. Ditto for the Jewish faithful, who call their harvest festival Sukkot, and for followers of many of the world's other religions. So last night, four days before the Thanksgiving holiday, John Lecky brought together Buddhists and Christians, Hindus and Jews, Muslims and Zoroastrians to reflect on the thanks they all give in one way or another. About 100 people representing a dozen faiths attended the 'World of Thanks' program in a ballroom at the Four Points Sheraton [in Ohio]. The event, organized by the nonprofit council, featured speeches, prayers and songs. Kamal Mehta of Willoughby Hills spoke for the Zoroastrians. Mehta said those in Iran celebrate the harvest. For followers in India, the cornerstones of the faith are humata, hukhta and huvarashta, or good thoughts, good words and good deeds."