Interfaith Rally Expresses Support for Same-Sex Marriage

April 10, 2005


On April 10, 2005 reported, "Hundreds of same-sex supporters hooted, sang and clapped their hands to a choir singing Chapel of Love at a boisterous rally Sunday that saw Christian, Jewish, Muslim and other religious leaders calling for the right to perform gay and lesbian marriages.

The rare union of various faiths was one of five gatherings across Canada organized to demonstrate faith-based support for same-sex unions.

'Support is growing all across Canada and all across the faith spectrum,' Rev. Brent Hawkes told roughly 300 people who filled the pews at the non-denominational Metropolitan Community Church... The enthusiastic crowd leapt to their feet in applause throughout the passionate call-to-arms, in which Hawkes and others urged people to telephone and e-mail their MP's, donate funds to the church and sign a petition urging passage of Bill C-38."