Interfaith Prayer Event in Oklahoma

March 29, 2003

Source: The Daily Oklahoman

On March 29, 2003 The Daily Oklahoman reported that "When Muslim John Graff watches television news coverage of the war in Iraq, he admits to having mixed emotions... There is a sense of distaste resulting from the harmful things Saddam Hussein and his regime have done to the Iraqi people. Yet, Graff said there is the hesitancy to support the American military going in 'full force' to stop the Iraqi leader, because the Iraqis in the middle are 'our brothers and sisters...' Unitarian clergyman Mark Christian said he understands that Muslims such as Graff may feel a more acute sense of anxiety because the war is happening in an Islamic country... Because of that, Christian said he wants to express solidarity with Graff and other Muslims in this time of crisis... Similarly, people of various faiths will have an opportunity to join together for a time of solidarity and prayer Monday... The Oklahoma Conference of Churches, with aid from interfaith community leaders including Graff and Christian, has organized an interfaith prayer event entitled 'Prayers from the Heart: A Time for Meditation for All People in a Time of War...' Newton said that although the conference of churches represents 17 Christian denominations, the organization places a high priority on interfaith relationships. The war in the Middle East is a good opportunity to encourage such relationships among people of faith, she said."