Interfaith Panel Promotes Religious Dialogue And Tolerance

February 19, 2009

Author: Danielle Gantt

Source: The Vanderbilt Hustler

Representatives of different faiths came together to discuss God's role in their lives Tuesday night at the Vanderbilt Interfaith Council panel.

"The purpose of the event was to bring together different aspects of the religious community at Vanderbilt to create an interfaith dialogue," said Neelam Khan, president of the Interfaith Council. "The biggest point was for groups to come together despite being from different beliefs and backgrounds."

"Interfaith Panel: What Can God Do for You," which featured panelists from all over the religious spectrum, including Protestants, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Latter-Day Saints, Hindus, Bahai, Buddhists, Scientologists and atheists, was meant to create and spread religious dialogue on campus.

Regardless of the wide variety of religions represented, there was no ill feeling among the panelists. Participant outlined their religious positions and answered the question of the evening: "What Can God Do for You?"

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