Interfaith Pagan Pride Parade

January 15, 2003

Source: East Bay Express

On January 15, 2003 the East Bay Express reported that "the mission statement of the Interfaith Pagan Pride Parade defines 'pagans' as: 'Those who follow indigenous, tribal, polytheistic, Nature-based, and Earth-based beliefs.' For anyone who enjoys world music and other international folk arts -- especially from the undeveloped world -- and the spirituality that comes from nature, the 'interfaith pagan' belief system might not be that much of a leap, says Berkeley's Micha Dunston... There are many other pagan orgs around the world, but Dunston believes the Interfaith Pagan Pride group is unique. 'Interfaith' is the key word, he explains. 'It's the only interfaith pagan organization in the country -- in fact, it's the only one in the world. We're less political and more accepting. And we're endorsed by the Interfaith Center of the Presidio. We would welcome Christian groups, for instance, to march in the parade...' The second annual parade [is] scheduled for Sunday, April 13 at People's Park in Berkeley... Its theme is 'Ancient Voices,' and the marchers will include everyone from medieval-costumed musicians to Native Americans."