Interfaith Ministries aids elderly, refugees, and children

January 3, 2001

Source: The Houston Chronicle

On January 3, 2001, The Houston Chronicle reported that "this holiday season, the staff and volunteers at Interfaith Ministries of Greater Houston, located in the Montrose area, did its part to ease [the] burden of loneliness and need through various holiday programs and activities." The organization "exists to build collaborations among Houston's faith communities and business, civic and philanthropic organizations to address critical human and community needs." The organization's programs include Meals on Wheels, which delivers meals to more than 1,800 seniors Monday through Friday. Extra frozen meals were delivered to help seniors over the holiday weekends without deliveries, and more than 250 seniors without family or other assistance received meals on Christmas morning. A vital aspect of the program is human contact for the often lonely elderly. The program also has a Refugee Services group, which sent books to refugee families in the Houston area, as a Christmas present which will help children learn English more quickly. The Refugee Services program helps resettle overwhelmed refugees, often setting up sponsorships with local churches. Their Youth Victim/Witness program works to support child victims and witnesses who are involved in the criminal justice system. Volunteers with the group organized a holiday party for the children and their families and distributed gifts to each family member. The program provides stuffed animals and activity packets for children who must testify. Similar gift packages were also prepared for the Adopt-a-Senior program, providing social contact for seniors without family.

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