Interfaith Members Support Each Other's Holiday Celebrations

September 23, 2004


On September 23, 2004 ran a letter to the editor from Ghulam Abbas Sajan, co-chairperson of Mosaic, an interfaith organization. Sajan writes, "The goal of Mosaic is to learn and respect each other's religion. This way there is no hate if we co-exist. In line with that goal, we have instituted social action activities, among which is one where representatives of our seven religions -- Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism and Zoroastrianism -- attend an important religious holiday of one of our religions to help in parking and ushering. Last Thursday, the first day of the new Jewish year, our Mosaic representatives were at Temple Har-Zion and later will do the same at other Mosaic members' congregations. Also this year, the Jaffari Islamic Centre and Temple Har-Zion will be awarded a Harmony Movement award because of the good example it sets for co-operation between two religions, since they have been sharing their parking lots ever since the two centres were built 25 years ago."