Interfaith Meeting between Muslims and Christians in Sacramento

April 22, 2003

Source: Pakistan Link

On April 22, 2003 the Pakistan Link reported on "the Al Momineen Sunday School at the Downtown [Sacramento, CA] Mosque in full session as the group of about 20 members of the Woodland Presbyterian Church arrived to a reception committee comprising the Mosque President Bashir Chaudhry, Imam Mumtaz Qasmi, Mr. Shahid Chaudhry and Muslim parents waiting for their kids... the Presbyterian Church girls and women wore scarves to cover their head as a mark of respect to Muslim customs even though such an attire is not mandatory for visitors. And in these times when people in the West have commented on the Hijab as being a divisive factor in community relations, this group of female Christian visitors succeeded in turning this headdress into a symbol of solidarity... The visitors and the hosts next gathered together in a school room where members of the two faiths held an informal 'meeting of the minds,' so to speak. The AMA’s Shahid Chaudhry made the introductory speech, followed by Imam Mumtaz Qasmi, Mosque President Bashir Chaudhry, Church Elder Dr. Ron Churchill and Pastor Gene Crumley... The Group was also taken on a tour of the Mosque during which they observed Muslims in prayer; a lunch was arranged for them soon afterwards."