Interfaith Leaders Bless Same-Sex Marriages

May 16, 2004

Source: U.S. Newswire

On May 16, 2004 U.S. Newswire reported, "On the eve of history -- as committed, loving gay and lesbian couples are able to receive civil marriage licenses and the critical benefits, protections and responsibilities that are associated with the unique legal status of civil marriage -- leaders of 18 faith traditions join in an interfaith prayer service entitled Blessings on the Eve of History, a prayerful gathering to celebrate the issuing of civil marriage licenses to same-sex couples and to bless couples who are planning to legally marry... The program is sponsored by the Religious Coalition for the Freedom to Marry (RCFM), which is comprised of over 600 ordained clergy and congregations from 18 different faith traditions, including the United Church of Christ, Episcopal, Unitarian Universalist Association and Reform and Reconstructionist Judaism. The RCFM supports civil marriage rights for same-sex couples and opposes any attempt to amend the Massachusetts constitution to deny gay and lesbian couples their civil rights. The RCFM is a proud founding member of"