An Interfaith Iftar

December 10, 2001

Source: The Kane County Chronicle

On December 10, 2001, The Kane County Chronicle reported "Muslims feed the faith of many people." The article began, "As the sun went down, the fast was broken and the call to prayer sounded. After prayers were said, the guests were treated to a traditional Muslim 'iftar.' ... Although the iftar is a tradition in the Islamic faith, Sunday’s dinner guests included Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Sikhs, as well as Muslims." The meal was hosted by the Ahmed family. The article continued, "Jonathan Levine, regional director for The American Jewish Committee, said he has become close personal friends with the Ahmeds during the past five years. Developing personal relationships is the best way to knock down the kinds of stereotypes that are pitting one religious group against another, Levine said. 'Personal relationships count more than anything else when it comes to group relations.'"