Interfaith Groups Help Organize Immigration Reform Rally in Detroit

March 27, 2006

Source: WXYZ Action News,2132,WXYZ_15924_4574527,00.html

On March 27, 2006 WXYZ Action News reported, "Organizers estimated 15,000 protesters flooded the streets of Detroit, Monday, to stand up for immigration rights. Thousands of people took time out of their day to speak out against legislation that would crack down on illegal immigration. Protesters waved Mexican flags and carried signs as they marched toward the federal building for a rally. Dia Pearce helped organize the rally that was put together in one week by interfaith groups, labor unions and community groups. Organizers only expected 1,000 people to show up. 'We just really worked hard at getting this together. Most of the churches in the community actually preached on it from the pulpit. We were able to mobilize through the churches,' she said. Pearce said the legislation they protested against would not only make undocumented workers felons, but would break up families and jeopardize businesses... Many people who spoke with Action News said they agree there should be immigration reform, but said the goal should be helping undocumented workers become citizens, not criminals."