Interfaith Group Unites Against Gay Marriage

September 18, 2003

Source: The San Francisco Chronicle

On September 18, 2003 The San Francisco Chronicle reported that "an alliance of African American, Latino, Asian, Jewish, Catholic and Muslim religious leaders lent their support Wednesday to a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage that will soon be introduced in the Senate. Patricia DeVeaux of the African Methodist Episcopal Church said many African Americans along with 'millions of Latino, Asian and Anglo Americans...share a deep consensus about the unique nature of and social importance of marriage as the union of male and female.' Sayyid Sayeed of the Islamic Society of North America added, 'The one and only concept of marriage in Islam is between a man and a woman.' The issue of gay marriage, and the push for a constitutional amendment, threatens to become one of the most divisive social issues of the coming campaign for Congress and the presidency."