Interfaith Group Collaborating Efforts Against Malaria

April 28, 2009

Author: Megan Brauner

Source: Adventist News Network

Members of faith groups from around the world, including representatives from the Seventh-day Adventist Church, are coordinating efforts to slow the spread of and eventually eradicate malaria.

The One World Against Malaria Summit met April 24 in Washington, D.C. to discuss methods of partnering with government organizations and also between various faith communities.

During the summit, a group of Muslim and Christian leaders announced the Nigerian Interfaith Action Association against malaria, a cooperative of anti-malaria efforts between the faith groups located in the country.

Adventist Church leaders in Nigeria said they enthusiastically support the interfaith relief work.

"Many are dying daily in Nigeria through malaria," said Joseph Ola, president for the church in the northwestern region of the country. "Once we pass the education to our people, they will spread it urgently to all cities, town and villages."

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