Interfaith Fellowship in Dearborn MI

September 13, 2004

Source: Detroit News

On September 13, 2004 Detroit News reported that, "much about religion divides people. At the extremes, the divisions too often lead to violence. But that is not the true path of any faith. That was the message of Muslim and Christian clerics who assembled, with about 100 of their followers, for an interfaith service and conference at the Littlefield Presbyterian Church on Sunday... Participants, including about 20 Muslims and four imams, said the day was more about what unites, under one God in the Abrahamic religions — Islam, Judaism and Christianity — than about what divides. The day was organized, in part, to recall September 11. As Muslims and Christians sat elbow to elbow, eating lunch after a joint service, much of the talk was about families, education and careers."

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