Interfaith Dinner Promotes Unity

March 29, 2010

Author: Justin L. Mack

Source: Journal & Courier

A local nonprofit organization brought more than 50 people of different religions together Sunday night to promote friendship and cultural understanding.

The Niagara Foundation held its third annual interfaith Abrahamic Dinner at Purdue Memorial Union.

Bilal Eksili, executive director of the Indiana branch of the Niagara Foundation, said the event served as a meeting of Christian, Jewish and Muslim communities and highlighted the common bonds between the three Abrahamic faiths.

“We organize many events with one goal in mind: We want to promote friendship and strengthen bonds with our community,” he said. “Events like these are the fruits of this philosophy.”

Along with a full-course meal, the event featured presentations from Purdue theologian Thomas Ryba, Purdue professor Daniel H. Frank and Mahan Mirza, a University of Notre Dame assistant professor.

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