Interfaith Dialogue Over the Net from June

May 8, 2007

Source: Gulf News

Dubai: An interfaith dialogue between Muslim Syrian women and Christian and Jewish Americans will be launched next month by Syrian Islamic teacher and preacher Huda Habash, reports Al

Habash, who has been teaching women the Quran for over 25 years at Al Zahra mosque in Damascus, said that in the next six months, some of her veiled students will have audio visual conversations over the internet with young men and women from the US, all under 20 years old.

"The dialogue aims to spread a right understanding of Islam. We will ask them to review the books from which they derive information about Islam, and my Muslim students will have balanced answers, not quick and random answers," Habash said.

She added that her group, whom she refer to as 'sisters' are specially interested in talking to Jews and understanding their way of thinking, and in discussing religious and social issues such as the 'hijab' (Islamic veil).