Interfaith Dialogue Helps Promote Tolerance, Understanding

August 22, 2007

Author: Lauren Monsen


Washington -- People from different religious backgrounds can achieve a better understanding of one another’s beliefs and cultural traditions through interfaith dialogue, says U.S. State Department official Kareema Daoud.

“Talking to other faiths makes us stronger in our convictions and helps us to understand our neighbors better,” Daoud said during an August 14 USINFO Webchat. “It is a dialogue and not a compromise. I have a position, you have a position.”

Daoud began the webchat, which was sponsored by the State Department, by introducing herself as an American Muslim who sees no contradiction between her religious affiliation and her full participation in U.S. society. “I, for one, believe it is possible to successfully integrate my Muslim identity with my American identity, and I am part of a majority [of U.S. Muslims] who believe so,” she said.