Interfaith Conference Discusses Thought-Provoking Questions

December 7, 2002

Source: Suburban Chicago News

On December 7, 2002 the Suburban Chicago News questioned "why would a loving God permit human suffering? What is the surest path to spiritual enlightenment? How can both doubt and belief spring from the same insurmountable questions?" Then suggested that "these and other weighty matters will be broached during some thought-provoking discussions being offered by faith communities this yuletide. Reconciling the Existence of God and Human Suffering will be addressed at an interfaith conference to be hosted Sunday by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Zion. The Idea of God will also be argued during the simulcast The Great Debate: Atheism/Christianity, offered Sunday at the Gurnee Community Church. On Dec. 14, after vespers at St. Basil of Ostrog Serbian Orthodox Church in Lake Forest-Mettawa, author and lecturer Frederica Mathewes-Green will discuss The Illumined Heart: The Ancient Christian Path of Transformation. The Rabbi Ze'ev Harari, who heads Congregation Am Echod, now in Lindenhurst, will speak at the Zion event, along with representatives from Christianity, Buddhism, Sikhism, Hinduism and Islam."