Interfaith Coalition Voices Voting Power to Legislators in WI

September 15, 2004

Source: The Journal Times

On September 15, 2004 The Journal Times reported, "Nancy Holmlund and the members of the faith-based groups attending the WISDOM Rolling Thunder meeting in Milwaukee Saturday want legislators and other politicians to know they are people of faith who vote... WISDOM is a statewide coalition of congregation-based organizations, comprised of about 125 congregations, of 15 religious denominations, including Racine Interfaith. About 6,000 people will attend the meeting that will stress issues of equity and social justice... WISDOM is part of the Gamaliel Foundation, an international network of faith-based social justice organizations. The name Rolling Thunder comes from the Gamaliel affiliates in South Africa, where a series of large public demonstrations across the country helped bring down apartheid."