Interfaith Coalition Support Initiative to Ban Same Sex Marriages in Oregon

October 2, 2004

Source: Gazette Times

On October 2, 2004 Gazette Times reported, "today, members of First Congregational United Church of Christ and First United Methodist Church will be out in Corvallis knocking on doors to persuade people to vote against ballot Measure 36 — an initiative to define marriage in the Oregon Constitution as being only between one man and one woman. But in churches such as Kings Circle Assembly of God, Calvary Chapel, Grant Avenue Baptist and Corvallis Church of the Nazarene, members are using bumper stickers and yard signs to show they support the initiative. Each congregation believes it's doing the right thing. Yet their actions indicate completely opposite perspectives on this particular campaign issue. Differences of opinion also exist among faith communities on the war in Iraq, social justice and environmental issues, not to mention who should be elected president."