Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility Calls for Wal-Mart Reform

April 7, 2006

Source: The Christian Post

On April 7, 2006 The Christian Post reported, "A coalition of interfaith investors on Thursday called on Wal-Mart to take up better business practices and adopt more compassionate employment policies, or face protest from members who hold over two million shares of the company’s stock... Wal-Mart has come under fire from religious groups before. Last month, dozens of conservative Christian groups criticized the pharmaceutical giant for authorizing the sale of the 'Plan B' emergency contraceptive pill. Also last month, the American Family Association accused the discount retailer of abandoning its 'family-friendly' reputation by selling DVDs of Brokeback Mountain... The members of the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility [ICCR], who own over two million shares of Wal-Mart, however, is not protesting the morality of carrying Plan B or Brokeback Mountain. Instead, the coalition is focusing on social morality and the company’s treatment of its 1.3 million workers... ICCR members include the United Methodist Church, the Presbyterian Church U.S.A., the Christian Church Foundation, and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. The 35-year-old coalition is made up of 275 faith-based institutional investors that hold a combined portfolio worth an estimated $110 billion."