Interfaith Association Welcomes Bahais, Sikhs

September 1, 2008

Author: Leslie Hutchison

Source: Record-Journal

The newest member of the Southington Interfaith Clergy Association is a representative of the Bahai Faith, a religion with its origins in Persia. The inclusion of world religions in the association began about a dozen years ago, said the Rev. David Strosahl of the First Baptist Church.

"The interfaith association began reaching out to other faiths, because it was all Christian," Strosahl said. Members now include about 10 Christian churches, a Jewish congregation, a Sikh temple and the Bahai Faith.

A Bahai member will discuss the religion at an association meeting in late September, Strosahl said. "He will give us a perspective on the faith." While the Bahai Faith may have a small membership in Southington, Strosahl said the group is welcome to join the association.

"Mainly, it's not to narrow down to the least common denominator. Religious organizations can work together on social issues, hunger and holidays such as Thanksgiving," Strosahl said.